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Mar 17, 2020

Due to popular demand on Instagram, today I had the amazing opportunity to discuss all things podcasting, with my Podcast Manager, 'Dana Drahos' (@dana.drahos)!
We talk about what it takes to start your own podcast, and more importantly, WHERE to start! Yay!

Here’s everything we covered today:

  • Dana’s background and HOW she got into podcasting (how you can get into podcasting too!)
  • Everything you need to start creating a podcast of your own (e.g. from the episode preparation, to the cover art, to the nitty-gritty details that no one else is sharing).
  • All of the preparation and thought that goes in, prior to even launching your very own podcast.
  • The technical requirements; such as podcast hosting and distributing methods.
  • The reasons a podcast episode could be rejected through the distribution platforms.
  • The overall costs for podcasting (hint: it’s really not a lot!)
  • Feedback about how to know if podcasting is for you or not.
  • The different perspectives when you’re just starting and how to overcome the fear gremlins.
  • The future of podcasting in this modern world!

Thank you so much for listening, girlfriends, and definitely let me know in my Facebook group or send me a DM or comment below about your takeaways from this episode.

I would love to hear from you!



  • “Start with your why, start with your 'listener persona', and then map out your topics for the content.”
  • “You do want to show quality products to your audience because your podcast really reflects you and it reflects your business and reflects how much effort that you are investing in yourself.”
  • “Always just appreciate and be grateful for where you are in the moment, like celebrating all the small wins.”


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