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Aug 25, 2020

A big thank you to Kristy for her lovely audio testimonial <3

In this episode we cover:
- Why you HATE your own voice (the psychology behind it)
- What you can do to make you feel more comfortable with your own voice, and even to start loving + enjoying your unique voice!

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Dr. Silk Pullman is a psychologist at the University of Essex.  And he says, I would speculate that the fact that we sound more high pitch than we think we should lead to cringe as it doesn't meet our internal expectations and our voice plays a major role in forming our identity.

Mark Pell from McGill University specializes in the communication of emotion.  He says: "When we hear our isolated voice, which is disembodied from the rest of our own behavior, we may go through the automatic process of evaluating our own voice in the way we routinely do with other people's voices. I think we then compare our own patients of the voice to how other people must evaluate us socially, leading many people to be upset or dissatisfied with the way they sound. Because the impressions formed, do not feel it with social traits"

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