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Apr 7, 2020

This is a Facebook Live recording (apologies for the quality of the audio!).
However, this is such an important topic: how to manage and cope in your business during the coronavirus.

I'll admit, I was struggling quite a bit with my mindset and how to navigate this situation, but after letting myself have the time to feel it out, I have processed it and have provided you with some helpful strategies to get you through this uncertain time as well!

In this episode:

-The difference between responding VERSUS reacting and how it impacts your energy.

  • The things that you can journal about, and questions to reflect on to make you feel better and more in control during this time.

  • How to move from the 'victim' to 'victor' mentality.

  • Why it's a GOOD sign if you're fearful.

  • What is "Behavioral Flexibility" and why is it such an important quality to have as a female entrepreneur.

  • How to step into your emotional mastery, raising your vibration + frequency so that you feel better and how this in turn positively impacts your business + projects.

  • Pivoting your business model from offline to online (with examples).

  • How we can be inspired by Issac Newton in this time.

  • Things I DON'T recommend doing while we live through the Coronavirus crisis.

Remember, we are greater than our external circumstances, and PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF. Don't stop doing what you're doing, we will all be ok. Hang in there Lady Friends! :)

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