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Mar 3, 2020

I joined Camille Joyce on her podcast, “The Heroic Soul,” to discuss becoming a Life Coach and setting that right mindset for being your best self.

Here's what we covered today!

- I gave my background about leaving my abusive partner, launching my first business, and how I moved towards my passion for helping others!
- We started talking about being aware of your self-mastery and how you work mentally and how you can use that to maximize your business and personal mindset.
- I list tons of examples from my life and what strategies I used to get myself in that positive, confident mindset, and how I used my self-mastery skills to launch my businesses and improve myself.
- I provide my tips for finding your passion and confidence after being in abusive situations, and how you can use that to not only help yourself but also start pursuing your dreams!

“If you’re starting a business and you are the product, you’ve got to be aware of that because your traits are going to pop up in some capacity… so even if you’re selling a product or you’re selling a service, if you’re running that stuff, you really need to be aware of self-mastery.”
“I want you to think about what the highest version of yourself looks like. How could you be living your best life? That best version of you… how does she live, what does she wear, what does she look like, how does she behave, how does she present herself at work or at home or in a future relationship? Getting really clear on who that person is, and then basically being and doing so you can have what that person has.”

Continuum of self-theory scale by psychiatrist Ross Rosenberg:
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